Single-Strand Necklace with Shell Focal and Brown Lip Shell Components

Open 31 small jumprings and insert one through the hole on each of 31 shell teardrops. Close the jumprings. Hang the 70mm shell disk on a large jumpring. Then hang another large jumpring in front of the disk from the first large jumpring. Hang a small jumpring from the second large ring and a second small jumpring from the first small jumpring.
Open 14 small jumprings and hang 2 teardrops on each. You now have 14 jumprings with 2 teardrops each and 3 with single teardrops.
Hang 2 jumprings with 2 teardrops from the top large ring on each side of the second large ring. Repeat on the second large ring. Then repeat on the first small ring. Hang 3 rings with 2 teardrops on the second small ring. Then hang another 2-teardrop ring from the center 2-teardrop ring. Finish the cascade by hanging a single-teardrop ring on the center front of the 2 small rings of the chain built in step 1 and the middle double teardrop ring in the group of 3 rings.
Cut a length of cord the same length as the desired finished necklace. String 2 double teardrop rings on it, pass it through the top of the large ring that holds the disk, and hang the last 2 double teardrop rings.
To attach the clasp, pass the end half-inch of cord through the ring on one side of the clasp and fold it down against the cord length, forming a loop around the clasp ring. Wind 26-gauge wire tightly around the doubled cord below the loop for 6-8 wraps. Then trim it from the spool, press the ends of the wire in against the wraps with chain-nose pliers, and trim away any excess wire. Repeat at the other end of the necklace.

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