Triple-Strand Necklace with Cultured Freshwater Pearls and Gemstone Beads

This necklace is made of three strands, each a different length. They can be worn separately or together for a stunningly rich and vibrant effect. Necklace A is a 36-inch continuous-loop strand with no clasp. It mixes white freshwater pearls with gold-filled round beads and mauve pearls for warmth. Multi-color tourmaline rondelles add a splash of color.

Necklace B is a 32-inch necklace with a lobster claw clasp that alternates seven white freshwater pearls, with a pattern of a diamond-shaped crystal, a leopardskin jasper bead, a mauve pearl, another leopardskin jasper, and a crystal bead. Gold-filled round beads mark the transition between the patterns.

Necklace C is a 24-inch long and has a lobster claw clasp. The pattern starts with a 3mm gold-filled round bead. Then it alternates two patterns: (1) two white freshwater pearls, a 3mm gold-filled bead, three faceted labradorite button beads, a 3mm gold-filled bead, and two white pearls with a 4mm gold-filled round, two mauve pearls, a faceted round crystal, two mauve pearls, and a 4mm gold-filled round.

36-inch Continuous Loop: Cut a 40-inch length of nylon cord. String one 3mm gold-filled bead, two white rice-shaped pearls, one mauve pearl, two white rice-shaped pearls, and another 3mm gold-filled bead. Then string 9 multi-colored tourmaline beads. Repeat until there are 36 inches of beads. Tie off the cord with a square knot and dot the knot with glue. Pass each tail back through a few beads and trim.
Attach a Bead Tip: Cut a 34-inch length of cord. Tie a knot at one end around a crimp bead and trim the excess cord. Place a drop of glue in the side-opening bead tip. Put the knotted crimp bead in the glue with the cord exiting opposite the loop. Use chain-nose pliers to close the bead tip around the crimp. Let the glue dry before stringing the beads. Note: this combination of glue and a crimp bead ensures security.
32-inch Pearls with Leopardskin Jasper: After completing Step 2, string a 3mm gold-filled bead and a leopardskin jasper bead. For the first pattern, string 7 white potato pearls. For the second pattern, string a 3mm gold-filled bead, a diamond-shaped Austrian crystal, a leopardskin jasper, a mauve potato pearl, a leopardskin jasper, a diamond-shaped crystal, and 3mm gold-filled bead. Alternate the two patterns. End with a leopardskin jasper and a 3mm gold-filled bead.
Attach a Lobster Claw Clasp: Attach another bead tip at the end of the beaded strand as described in Step 2. Attach a jumpring to each bead tip loop. Use one of the jumprings to attach a gold-filled lobster claw clasp to the bead tip.
24-inch Pearls with Faceted Labradorite: Cut a 26-inch length of cord. Follow Step 2 to secure a bead tip to the end. String a 3mm gold-filled bead. For pattern one, string 2 white potato pearls, a 3mm gold-filled bead, 3 faceted labradorite buttons, a 3mm gold-filled bead, and 2 white pearls. For pattern 2, string a 4mm gold-filled bead, 2 mauve potato pearls, a 6mm faceted Austrian crystal, 2 mauve pearls, and a 4mm gold-filled bead. Alternate these two patterns until there are 24 inches of beads. Finish with a lobster claw clasp as shown in Step 4.

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