Rosary with Czech Pressed Glass Beads and Antiqued Pewter Cross Pendant

Create a special rosary using the beads you cherish most. Choose birthstones, favorite colors, antique beads or any beads that have sentimental meaning. The finished rosary has five sections of 10 beads, each separated by a spacer bead of a different size, shape or texture. The three-loop centerpiece connects the five sections to the dangling single strand and cross pendant.
Using the cutter on the rosary pliers, cut 59 sections of gold-filled wire, each 1-1/2 inches long. Using the round-nose end of the rosary pliers, create a simple loop on one end of one piece of wire and string an 8mm bead. Make another simple loop on the other end of the wire to create a bead link.
Open the loop on one end of an 8mm bead link, (like opening a jumpring), connect to a loop from another 8mm bead link and close.

Repeat this Step to connect a total of ten 8mm bead links.
Cut eight 1/2 inch lengths of chain. Link one 1/2 inch length to the end of the bead-link chain created in Step 2. Add a 12mm bead link the other end of the chain. Add a second 1/2 inch length of chain onto the other loop of the 12mm bead link.
Repeat Steps 2 and 3, three more times for a total of four bead-link chain sections.
Link the sections of beaded chain together so they form one long length of chain, leaving a 1/2 inch length of chain on each end.
Cut one 3/4 inch length of chain and three 1/2 inch lengths of chain.

Creating the Cross Single-Strand

Connect one jumpring, one 3/4 inch length of chain, one 12mm bead link, one 1/2 inch length of chain, three 8mm bead links, one 1/2 inch length of chain, one 12mm bead link, one 1/2 inch length of chain and one jumpring. Add the cross pendant to the jumpring on one end of the segment, and attach the jumpring on the other end of the segment to the single loop on your three-loop centerpiece.
Add a jumpring to one of the two remaining loops of the centerpiece and connect to the last link on one end of the beaded chain.

Repeat to connect the centerpiece to the other length of beaded chain.

Birthday Gemstones
Month Biblical Connection Faceted Stone Gemstone Bead Crystal Color Also Symbolizes
January (Capricorn) Baptism Garnet Garnet Garnet Constancy
February (Aquarius) Michael the Archangel Amethyst Amethyst Amethyst or purple Sincerity
March (Pisces) The Fish and the Loaves Aquamarine Bloodstone Aqua or turquoise blue Courage
April (Aries) The Lamb of God Diamond Mother-of-pearl Crystal or clear Innocence
May (Taurus) Day of Judgment Emerald Green Onyx Emerald or Grass Green Love and Success
June (Gemini) Works and Grace Alexandrite or Pearl Moonstone Light Amethyst Health and Longevity
July (Cancer) Jesus, the Messiah Ruby Jasper Siam or Red Contentment
August (Leo) The Tribe of Levi Peridot Carnelian Peridot Friendship
September (Virgo) The Virgin Mary Sapphire Lapis lazuli Cobalt Blue Clear Thinking
October (Libra) The Fall of Man Opal or tourmaline Opal Rose Hope
November (Scorpio) The Second Coming Topaz Citrine Topaz or gold Fidelity
December (Sagittarius) Old Testament Prophets Blue Zircon Turquoise Light Sapphire or Medium Blue Prosperity

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