Single-Strand Necklace and Earring Set with Swarovski Crystal Flower Beads and Headpins

Turn Swarovski crystals into charms, add a few more beads and you're ready for spring.

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Cut the chain 1-1/4 inch from clasp; remove clasp from end of chain.
Open the jumpring at opposite end of chain and slide on both ends of the 1-1/4 inch chain from Step 1, forming a chain loop. Note: chain does not have an attached jumpring; attach a jumpring to end of chain. Close jumpring. This creates a toggle-style closure.
Slide a flower bead onto a headpin; bend the headpin into a right angle directly behind the bead. Use needle-nose pliers to form a small loop approximately 1/4 inch above bend. Trim excess wire. Repeat 54 additional times.
Open the loop on one of the flower dangles and slide it through end link on single end of chain; close loop.
In the same manner, attach remaining flower dangles to every other chain link, beginning 5-1/2 inches from toggle end of chain. To wear, slide toggle loop over flower dangle at opposite end of necklace.


Slide an 8mm rose flower bead onto a 2.5mm head pin; bend the headpin into a right angle directly behind the bead. Form a small loop at end of headpin. Bend the headpin at the halfway point, positioning loop just made near crystal tip of headpin. Open loop slightly and bend it around the crystal. The crystal should sit inside the loop. Repeat once
Repeat Step 1 twice, substituting tanzanite flower beads in place of rose flower beads. Repeat Step 1 four additional times with 3.2mm head pins, twice with 10mm peridot flower beads and twice with 10mm sapphire flower beads. There should now be a total of eight flower dangles.
Slide the following onto a beading hoop: rose flower dangle, clear AB round crystal, peridot flower dangle, clear AB round crystal, sapphire flower dangle, clear AB round crystal and a tanzanite flower dangle. Bend the straight end of the hoop up at a right angle to secure beads; latch straight end into hook.
Repeat Step 3, only reverse order of flower dangles to make a second matching earring.

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