Earrings with Cultured Freshwater Pearls and Gold-Plated Brass Beads

These earrings are fun to make and have a lot of features to recommend them. First, most beaders already have these materials. Second, if you sell jewelry, it's great to have earrings that match a necklace; and you can make these earrings with the leftover beads. Third, most of the materials they require are inexpensive. And finally, you can't lose the ear nuts because they're attached.

String 3-1/2 inches of beads on an eyepin in the order you desire.
Leave a tiny space after the last bead and make a closed loop with the last 3/8 inch of wire. This loop should be at a right angle to the first loop (facing in the opposite direction). The space will be taken up when you bend the wire.
Attach the loop at one end of the eyepin to the loop below the ball on the earstud. (Of course, you can use any type of post earring with a loop.) Now gently bend the eyepin back to make a C-shaped loop. Attach the other loop to the ear nut. If needed, twist the loop slightly so the ear nut faces the stud portion of your finished earring.

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