Bracelet with Celestial Crystal® Beads

You can make this high-fashion crystal bracelet with simple stringing and crimping techniques. This versatile design can be used with a wide variety of crystal colors and clasps to match any ensemble.
For a 7 to 8-1/2 inch bracelet cut 2 lengths of Accu-Flex® professional-quality beading wire, each 16-inch long.
Thread a crimp tube and one loop on one half of a clasp onto one length of wire. Thread the wire back through the crimp. Draw up the loop so it is small but can still move. Use chain-nose pliers to flatten the crimp tube, making sure the wires are not crossed inside.
Repeat with the other length of beading wire, attaching it to the other loop on the same half of the clasp.
Thread a bicone crystal on each wire and over the short tail. Cross the wires through a square crystal.
On each wire, string a bicone, square, and bicone. Cross the wires through another square.
Tighten the wires after each stitch, being careful not to kink them.
Repeat this pattern 12 times for a 7-inch bracelet or 15 times for an 8-1/2 inch bracelet:

To end the bracelet, close the clasp so you don't risk attaching it with the bracelet twisted. String a bicone, a crimp, and corresponding loop on the clasp onto each wire. Pass each wire back through its crimp and bicone bead.
Make sure there are no gaps in the bracelet and the beads are snug but not rigid. Then draw up the wire loops to match those at the beginning of the bracelet and flatten the crimps as in Step 2. Cross the wire tails at each end through the end square crystal if possible.
Clip off any exposed wire ends.
You've just completed another beautiful project.

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