Earrings with Sunstone and Fire Opal Gemstone Beads

Experience the warmth of the coming sun. Carnelian gemstones glow amid fire opals in these stunning golden earrings.

Slide a hessonite button bead onto a headpin; use round-nose pliers to form a loop above bead. Trim excess wire. Save excess wire to be used later. Repeat for each bead except for carnelian rondelles and briolettes.
Beginning at the bottom link, attach five headpins to each chain in the following order, skipping two small links between each: fire opal rondelle, hessonite button, two fire opal rondelles and a hessonite button. The last hessonite button should be attached to the top link of the chain.
Thread a piece of wire saved from Step 1 through a carnelian briolette, leaving a 1/2 inch wire tail on one side. Bend wire above briolette and wrap short wire tail around long wire tail.
Slide a gold spacer, carnelian rondelle and a gold spacer onto wire; use round-nose pliers to form a wrapped loop above top spacer, attaching loop to end link on a piece of chain before wrapping. Trim excess wire.
Repeat Steps 3 and 4 for the other chain.
Open loops on earwires and slide on top links of chains; close loops.
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