Single-Strand Necklace with Garnet Gemstone Beads and 12Kt Gold-Filled Wire

Learn a great technique for making "S" curve chain links in this fun, fashionable necklace project. With just a few materials and basic tools, you can make this great-looking necklace ... right down to the clasp!

The links of the chain are made in simple ''S'' curves using the round-nose pliers. The sample contains 65 links, creating a 22-1/4 inch long necklace.

Each link begins with a piece of wire 1-1/4 inches long, which is then bent into a simple ''S'' curve using the round-nose and flat nose pliers in tandem.

It's a little awkward to start with, but after about 4 - 5 links, the tools and technique feel more natural. Expect the first links to not look as finished as the last links.

Connect the links as if they were jumprings i.e., twist them open and shut, rather than pulling the ends apart.
Create hook for hook-and-eye clasp.

Take a 3-inch piece of wire and fold it over at the 1-1/4 inch mark, so the two sections of the wire lay next to each other like lanes in a highway.
At the end of the shorter length, create a loop for attaching the clasp to the chain.
Attach it to the chain and bend the other end of the looped wire (the ''other lane'' of the highway) away from the chain at a 90-degree angle.
Grasp the clasp firmly with one pair of flat nose pliers and, starting from the attachment to the chain, use the other pair to wrap the wire around the base of the clasp tightly.
Bend the doubled section of the clasp into a wave to create the hook.
Create eye for hook-and-eye clasp.

Repeat Steps 1 - 5.
Do not create hook. Instead, separate the two wires (pull the ''lanes'' of the highway apart) to create a round loop.
Now create and attach the drops. String one garnet per headpin. Halfway up the length of the headpin, begin an attachment loop.
The loop should be loose enough to let the drops swing freely. A length of headpin wire will remain. As with the clasp, wrap this remaining wire around the headpin.

String onto a link--one drop per link, beginning in the center of the necklace and stretching toward each side--and close the loop.

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