Triple-Strand Bracelet with Argentium® Sterling Silver Beads and Chain and Swarovski Crystal Pacific Opal Beads

Sail away with a hint of the Pacific! Sterling silver anchor chain will keep you steady as the waves from Swarovski crystal's Pacific Opal crash! Elegant, three-strand style is easy to duplicate.

Thread clasp and one end of each length of chain onto a jumpring. Thread the heart bail onto other jumpring; attach bail to baroque drop.
Thread opposite ends of both chains onto second jumpring, making sure chains do not tangle.
String a crimp tube 1/2 inch from one end of wire; thread short wire tail through a jumpring and back through the crimp tube. Use chain-nose pliers to flatten center portion of the crimp tube.
String the following sterling silver seamless beads, stringing a Pacific opal bead before each seamless bead: two 3mm beads, two 4mm beads, two 5mm beads, four 7mm beads, two 5mm beads, two 4mm beads and two 3mm beads. String remaining Pacific opal bead.
String a crimp tube; thread wire through second jumpring and back through crimp tube. Flatten crimp tube in the same manner as before. Trim excess wire.
© 2009 DRG

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