Single-Strand Necklace with Affirmation Charms, Hill Tribes Ring Beads, and White Lotus™ Cultured Freshwater Pearls

Wild style! This fun necklace design uses ''squiggly links'' to project a quirky, funky attitude. Add a bit of Swarovski magic to up the glitter factor. Complete instructions and materials list.

Making the Metal Rings

The 5 feet of wire you get from Fire Mountain Gems and Beads will come as a spool, it is formed into circles for you, so all you have to do is cut a complete circle off the spool, one at a time, for your rings. Using the memory wire shears, cut the 14-gauge wire until you have cut the entire spool (about 18 rings). Using the shears will leave the ends of the wire flush so you will not need to file.
Cut 18 gold-filled rings so they are a bit smaller then the large silver rings and can fit inside the silver rings. You can achieve a smaller ring by cutting your circle off the spool, so it's just short of a complete circle; when you hammer them later you can close the circle.
Cut 9 silver rings smaller then the gold rings. TIP: Once you make the first ring in each size, you can use it as a model for the rest. This necklace has a handmade look, so just have fun; the rings do not have to be perfectly round.
Place the steel block or an anvil on a solid surface like a piece of thin cardboard on a carpeted floor, this will muffle the sound of the hammering and eliminate the need for solid table. Use the handle of the pliers to hold the ring so you don't pound your fingers by mistake. Hit the ring with the widest part of the hammer, flattening the ring, except for 1/4 inch at each end; leave this part round so you can thread on the Hill Tribes silver beads later.
Once the ring is flat, use the round side of the hammer to texture the metal. The ring will bend where your hammer strikes, keep pressure on the ring while you hammer any flat spots, this will round them and close the ring.

The ring should be completely closed or the ends can overlap slightly. Add the Hill Tribes silver bead to one end then insert the other end into the bead; the tension on the ends will hold the bead in place. Make all 45 rings the same way. After you finish your necklace, if you feel you need to secure the rings further, add epoxy into the bead.

Making the Pearl Rings

Cut eighteen 5-inch pieces of Accu-Flex® professional-quality beading wire

String 2-1/2 inches of pearls onto the Accu-Flex beading wire--the number of pearls will vary with the size of the pearls. Add a small Hill Tribes silver ring and a crimp bead. Add an affirmation ring.

Thread the other end of the beading wire through the crimp tube. Use chain-nose pliers to crimp the middle of the crimp tube. Crimp from both sides and really press down, test the ring to make sure the wire is secure in the crimp tube. Begin another pearl link, stringing another 2-1/2 inches of pearls on a length of Accu-Flex beading wire; add the small Hill Tribes silver ring and a crimp tube. String on the affirmation ring that's in the first pearl link, then pass the other end of the wire through the crimp tube. Crimp the middle of the crimp tube and make sure it is tight.
Use wire cutters to snip the extra beading wire on both sets of pearls.
Repeat Steps 8 - 10, making 9 groups of two pearl rings joined by an affirmation ring.

Assembling the Chain

Add a gold-filled ring and a silver ring to the same place you have an affirmation ring. To do this, take one end of the silver ring out of the Hill Tribes bead, pass it through both pearl rings and close. Repeat for the gold ring. Repeat this for each of the pearl groups.
Connect the nine sections made in step 12 with each other, using 3 handmade rings, one large silver, one gold-filled and one small silver. Add glue to any of the handmade rings that you are concerned about and the necklace is finished.

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