Magnifier Glasses with Swarovski Crystal Flat Backs

Note: To help keep pattern even, work in pairs, placing the same crystal on each side of frame. If you get strings from the cement, wind them up on a toothpick or use a hair dryer to shrink them up once project is finished and glue has dried for a few hours. The cement tends to ooze out of the tube between applications; use tissues to wipe off end of needle tip on cement applicator.

Use chain-nose pliers to pick up a crystal. Dab a dot of cement centered on flat side of crystal; do not apply cement all the way to the edge.
Beginning at top of half frame, glue crystal in place. Continue in the same manner to glue crystals to half frame, beginning from the center and working toward the temples.
Let glue dry for at least an hour before working on the magnifiers.
Starting on top or bottom of magnifiers, glue crystals in place working from the center out toward the temples. Let glue dry thoroughly before wearing.
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