Single-Strand Necklace with Hill Tribes Fine Silver Beads, Dyna-Mites™ Seed Beads and Organza Ribbon

Delicate black organza ribbon and rayon cords build a festoon-inspired choker with small blackstone ovals and smooth sterling silver rice-shaped beads sewn on in a geometric pattern. Add to that large, lightly hammered Hill Tribes silver ball at the ends of the beaded cord and one hanging as a pendant from the center for a perfect kitten collar.

Trim the ends of the cording flush. Thread the bail onto the cord.
Mix a small amount of epoxy. Carefully spread the epoxy around the fabric, 1/4 inch down on one end of the cord and along the inside edge of one end cap. Place the end cap over the end of the cord; squeeze the end cap so it's secured to the cord.

Repeat for the other end of the cord. Once the ends are partially set (about 5 minutes) carefully clean up any glue that might be on the ends with a damp paper towel; set the cord aside for about 20 minutes.
Trim the cord end inside the end cap, so it is flush with the edge of the end cap.

Slide the bail to one end.
Cut 1-yard of thread; thread on a needle. Pass the needle into the beading cord, from within the opening of the end cap, on the opposite end as the bail. Bring the needle out through the fabric on the bead cord, about 1/4 inch down from the base of the end cap. Leave about a 6-inch tail so you can use it to knot with later.

Please note: the white thread shown is for illustrative purposes--it's recommended you use thread that matches your beading cord. Pick up one white seed bead, one black oval bead, and one white seed bead. Pass the needle back into the beading cord at the base of the last seed bead; bring the needle back out of the beading cord about 1/4 inch further down the cord.
Repeat, adding 3 more sets of seed beads and ovals; working to within 1/2 inch from the center of the cord. After adding the last set of beads, pass the needle out of the beading cord, 1/4 inch to the left of the black oval bead. Pick up one black seed bead, one silver melon and one black seed bead. Pass the needle into the beading cord at the base of the last seed bead added; bringing the needle 1/4 inch to the right of the black oval bead.

Pick up one black seed bead, one silver melon and one black seed bead. Pass the needle into the beading cord at the base of the last seed bead added, bringing the needle up at the base of the last white seed bead added. Pass the needle through the white seed bead, the black oval, and the white seed bead, back into the beading cord, bringing the needle out 1/4 inch to the left of the black oval next in line.

Continue this pattern up the beading cord until you have silver melon bead sets on either side of each black oval set of beads.
After passing through the last black oval set of beads (the first set added in Step 4), pass the needle through the end of the bead cord, exiting near the end cap where the tail is from Step 4. Tie a surgeon's knot with each end of the thread, add a drop of Hypo tube cement to the knot; trim any ends.
Move the bail into the center of the beading cord, close to the beads just added.
Repeat Steps 4 - 6, adding beads to the other half of the bead cord.

Cut 14 inches of ribbon; thread one end through one end cap; double the ribbon. Thread a hammered bead onto both ends of the ribbon; slide down toward the end cap.
Trim so the ribbon ends are flush; fold the ends over slightly, tucking in any corners. Place the ribbon end crimp over the folded edges; compress the crimp using chain-nose pliers.

Repeat Step 9 - 10 for the other half of the beading cord.
Thread a spacer bead, hammered round bead, spacer bead, and a round 2.5mm bead onto a headpin. Make a wrapped loop to create a dramatic pendant. Add a jumpring to the pendant.
Open the loop on the bail and add the pendant to the loop; close the loop.
Thread a 2.5mm round bead, a melon bead and a 2.5mm round bead onto a headpin. Begin a wrapped loop; thread on the last link of the length of chain, then complete the wrapped loop. Open a jumpring, thread on the other end of the chain, then link through the loop on the ribbon end crimp; close the jumpring.
Open a jumpring then thread on the lobster clasp and the loop on the other ribbon end crimp; close the jumpring.

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