Earrings with Slow Dry Art Clay®, Lemon Quartz and Amethyst Gemstone Beads

Open up to the possibilities of Art Clay! Use the five-minute molding compound to make a mold of a favorite object, for instance an old Roman coin, and use it to make your own precious silver metal findings that can be used wherever you want them to go--like on these artistic earrings with sculpted silver coins and drops of faceted amethyst and lemon quartz briolettes.

With the popularity of coins in fashion and jewelry designs, Art Clay is perfect for replicating rare or circulated coins. This simple earring design can be used for necklaces, bracelets and belt chains as well. While I've chosen amethyst and lemon quartz as the gemstones for this design, there are many other combinations that work just as well depending on your desired color palette. Visit the Fire Mountain Gems and Beads® Color Forecast for this season's hottest colors.

Form a walnut-size ball of molding compound by following the instructions on the package.
Place the pendant or coin, face down, into the molding compound, pressing down so the object is level and the front and sides are fully immersed for a clean and complete impression. Let it cure without being disturbed.
Once the molding compound has cured (stick a fingernail into the side of the mold and, if it doesn't leave a mark, it is cured), remove the pendant.
Open the package of Art Clay and remove a piece about the size of a quarter. Condition the clay for 20 seconds by repeatedly compressing together with your fingers. Place the clay into the mold, spreading it over the entire surface and working the clay so it is level and evenly dispersed. Using a toothpick, place a small hole in the top loop of the pendant or top of the coin where you will be hanging the object from later. Set aside to dry.
When the surface of the clay appears dry, gently flex the mold to release the clay. Carefully place the clay, face up, onto your work surface and let it continue to dry. Depending on where you live, the drying time will vary.
Once the clay has thoroughly dried, carefully refine the edges and the pendant hole. The clay is very fragile in this stage. Use files, a fingernail file-board, fine grit sandpaper, etc., to smooth all the edges and the backside of the pendant. Gently refine the hole with a round file.

Repeat Steps 4 - 6 to create a second pendant.
The pendants are now ready to fire with a butane micro-torch or in a Paragon kiln. Read more about firing facts and firing Art Clay with a gas torch.
Once the pendants have been fired and cooled, it's time to burnish the surface to bring it to a shiny finish. Using a fine steel wire brush, brush across the surface of the pendant. Repeat as necessary until shine is brought up on both pieces.
Attach three 5.8mm jumprings to each pendant and set aside.
Using wire cutters, cut two sets of five lengths of chain, ranging from 3/4 inches to 1-1/4 inches, and set aside.
Using wire cutters, cut 3 inches of 24-gauge wire. Create a double wrapped loop, capturing the briolette on one loop and the last link of chain (the longest) with the other loop and set aside.
Repeat, adding a briolette to two other lengths of chain and mix with the remaining two lengths of chain from this set.

Repeat Step 11 using the other set of chain.
Open one 5mm jumpring and link onto the top link of one length of chain with a briolette, the shortest length of chain without a briolette and another length of chain with a briolette. Pass the jumpring through the top jumpring above the pendant and close.
Open one 5mm jumpring and link onto the top link of the two remaining lengths of chain. Pass the open jumpring through the second jumpring above the pendant and close.
Gently open the loop on the earwire and pass it through the top jumpring, making sure the pendant is facing the correct way.

Repeat Steps 13 - 15 to complete the second earring.

The pieces featured in the Gallery of Designs are copyrighted designs and are provided for inspiration only. We encourage you to substitute different colors, products and techniques to make the design your own.

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