Double-Strand Necklace with Swarovski Crystal Round Beads and Sterling Silver Wire

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Prepare the wire components:
  • Cut 40 lengths of sterling silver wire to 3.5" (90mm).
  • Bend the wire in half around the largest part of a round-nosepliers to form a U-curve at one end. Keep the legs exactly the same height.
  • Using a chainnose pliers, bend each tip outward to a right angle of 3/16" (5 mm). (Tip: For consistency, mark the inner jaw of the pliers with permanent marker at the point that measures 3/16" across. Use this position/mark to bend the same length of wire each time.) (Note: There will be slightly more wire than will fit into the hole on one side of the crystal. This creates a reservoir to seat the wire for the adjacent link.)

Assemble the necklace:
  • Load a round crystal on one outward tip of a wire component.
  • Cross one leg of the wire component over the other and insert the empty tip into the open hole of the same bead.
  • Repeat the last step 38 more times adding in the last component to the bead-end of the current component before completing the link (Note: This will keep all the components same end up).
Finish the necklace:
  • Start the 40th link as before but add in the first link to create a continuous circle.

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