Bracelets with Glass Beads and Czech Fire-Polished Glass Beads

Amidst the colored eggs, chocolate bunnies and jellybeans, toss in some lampwork glass beads, stretchy cord and charms for Easter-time fun that will keep long after the egg hunt.

Floral-motif and spring-themed glass beads and whimsical charms bring fresh style to stretch bracelets--and they're so easy to make. Keep the materials together in a satiny brocade or drawstring pouch for a bright burst of color they're sure to find.

Cut Powercord into 10-inch segments and place each segment into a Tite-lip baggie. Cut enough segments so that each person can make two or three bracelets.
Divide the beads and charms so that everyone will have a nice variety of colors and styles.
Place the Powercord baggies and groups of beads and charms into the gift pouches and close pouch. Hide in the yard with the other Easter loot, or put inside Easter baskets.

When you're ready to make the bracelets, have everybody work together in the same area to share the scissors and adhesive. Spread newspaper or drop cloth over the area to protect against glue drips. String the beads and charms onto the Powercord in random order. Terminate with a square knot and dot of Loctite 409 gel adhesive. Let dry and trim any excess cord.

NOTE: Most adult wrists are approximately 7 inches. Because everyones wrists will vary in size, measure everyone's wrist, using the segment of Powercord, before stringing. Mark the measurements on the cord with permanent marker to indicate where to stop and start stringing. When the bracelet is tied, the marks will disappear.

Wear several stacked together and celebrate the holiday in style.

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