Bracelet with Seed Beads

Add more color to your life with a bracelet that is like a woven tapestry of iridescent iris blue seed beads.

Cut a three yard length of Nymo®. Add your needle to the end first off the spool. Apply thread conditioner if you'd like. Add a stop bead to the end, leaving an 18-inch tail which will be used to attach the bracelet to the clasp later. Do not use this bead when working your pattern.
Thread on six size 8/0 seed beads; bring them down to the stop bead. Begin the peyote stitch.
Continue to work the peyote stitch until you have completed enough rows (for either a bracelet or necklace) minus the length the clasp will add. Remove the ''stop bead.''
Decrease one end until you have one bead in the last row.
Pick up three size 11/0 seed beads, the loop on the toggle and four size 11/0 seed beads. Pass the needle through the end size 8/0 bead, making a circle with the thread and a loop with the beads.
Weave the needle through the beadwork so you exit the end bead and are positioned to pass the thread back through the size 11/0 beads. Pass the thread all the way through the beads to secure.

NOTE: If at any time it's hard to pass the needle through the beads, change the needle to the #12 needle. If the needle gets stuck in a bead, gently work it through the bead using the pliers.
Weave the thread into the beadwork, until it exits the first bead along the edge of the bracelet. Pick up three size 11/0 seed beads. Pass the needle down the second bead in the strip.
Pass the needle up the third bead along the edge. Pick up three size 11/0 seed beads then pass the needle down the fourth bead. That completes two picots.
Repeat to add picots down one side of the peyote strip.
Once you've added picots along the edge on one side of the bracelet, weave the thread into the beadwork, zig zagging, working through the beads, until the thread is secure; trim any excess.
Using the tail from the other end of the bracelet, repeat Steps 4 - 7 adding the other half of the toggle clasp and picots.

Once complete, weave your thread into the beadwork, zig zagging, working through the beads until the thread is secure, trim any excess.

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