Ice Cream Cone Earrings with Crystal Passions® Beads and Gold-Plated Cone Beads

Cool off on a hot summer day with ice cream cone earrings. Use the instructions below to create a fun and stylish treat or customize your cone with your favorite ice cream flavor by substituting different colors of crystals.
String onto a headpin:
  • One bead seamless cone
  • One 6mm lochrose flower
  • One 6mm round
  • One 3mm bicone
Additional Design Tip: Easily transform your ice cream cone earrings into ice cream cone sundaes (as seen above) by adding a cloisonné bead cap between the 6mm round and 3mm bicone.
Place your round-nose pliers, horizontally, above the 3mm bicone near the top of the headpin. Bend the headpin to a 90 degree angle. Turn the pliers so they are now vertical in the angled section. Bring the tip of the headpin up and over the top of the barrel of the pliers so the wire is now facing downward.

Turn the pliers so they are horizontal again. Continue to bring the tip of the headpin around the barrel so the wire is now formed in a loop and the end is back out and at a 90 degree angle.

Open the loop slightly. Slip the opened loop through the loop on the bottom of the earwire. Close the loop on the headpin, capturing the earwire.
Remove the round-nose pliers. Grip across the loop with the chain-nose pliers. Grip the tip of the headpin with the flat-nose pliers and wrap the headpin around the straight length of wire below the loop, making approximately three tightly wound wraps.
Repeat Steps 1 - 3 to make the second earring.

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