Earrings with Apoxie® and Swarovski Crystal Flat Backs

Use Apoxie® Sculpt to securely adhere Swarovski crystal flat backs and faceted balls to the ends of beading cones and bead caps. This fun technique will add color and pizzazz to the beading cones and caps, transforming them into very stylish drops. Hang one, three, or as many drops as you like on a length of chain for a great pair of earrings--then add drops to a necklace-length and bracelet-length of chain to create a complete matching suite.

Tip: Have all of your supplies ready. Apoxie begins curing after it is fully combined.
Insert a headpin, from the inside-out, into each cone and bead cap. Set aside.
Using a cotton ball, rub a bit of alcohol on the end of each beading cone and bead cap.
Open the Apoxie package and mark one pack A and the other B. Put on the gloves. Pinch off equal amounts from packs A and B. Begin combining the two sections together. You can blend between your fingers or roll through a Poly-Roller™ machine. Combine for two minutes until the Apoxie is fully combined.
Pinch off a pea sized amount of Apoxie and place it onto the end of one bead cone so the Apoxie extends just past the end of the cone.
Using tweezers, pick up a flat back crystal and press it against the Apoxie, so it lies centered at the end of the cone. Press firmly. Using a carving tool of your choice to carefully clean up the excess Apoxie that squeezes out beyond the flat back crystal.

Set the filled beading cone aside.
Repeat Steps 4 - 5 until you have filled all of the beading cones with flat backs, and also filled the bead caps with the flat back faceted balls. Let them cure for 3 hours so that the crystals are set firmly in place.
Place a rondelle onto a headpin. Make a simple loop. Repeat for the end of each headpin.
Cut a 1-1/2 inch length of chain (10 links). Open the simple loop on top of one beading cone and slip the open loop through a link on the cut length of chain. Close the loop.

Repeat, adding a total of two 11.5x7.5mm cone beads, three 9mm silver cones, one 7mm round bead cap, and one 10mm bead cap embellished with Apoxie and flat back crystals.
Using chain-nose pliers, open the loop on the bottom of the earwire. Slip the open loop through the first link in the chain and close the loop.

Repeat Steps 7 - 9 to finish the second earring.

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