Triple-Strand Necklace with Rubberized Acrylic Beads, Celestial Crystal® Beads and Wonder Wiggle Wire®

Line up three lengths of Wonder Wiggle Wire® and, using the wire nippers, trim the ends flush. Place a cord end over the wire, with the loop end out. Place a small amount of glue inside the cord end (optional). Using a pair of chain-nose pliers, gently fold over the prongs of the cord end to hold the three wires in place.
Separate the three wires and string one black crystal onto each wire. Bring the wires together then string on one black acrylic round bead, passing it over all three wires, approximately 1-1/2 inches from the end. Stagger the black crystals between the cord end and the acrylic bead.
Repeat Step 2 placing one black crystal onto each wire and then one purple acrylic oval bead, placing the purple bead approximately 1-1/4 inches from the last acrylic bead.
Repeat Step 3 placing a black crystal oval bead after the three crystals.
Repeat Step 4 placing one purple acrylic oval bead with a diagonal drill hole after the three crystals. String one black crystal onto each wire, placing them 1/2 inch after the last bead.
Leave a 1/2 inch gap in the center of the wires, then repeat, Steps 2 - 5 in reverse order to create the second half of the necklace in a mirror image of the first.
Repeat Step 1 to finish the ends of the wire and secure them in a cord end.
Using two pairs of chain-nose pliers, open a 5mm jumpring. Pass the open ring through a loop on one half of the clasp and the loop on one of the cord ends. Close the jumpring.

Repeat to attach the second half of the clasp to the other side of the necklace.
String onto one length of Wonder Wiggle Wire: one crimp, fire 5 black crystals, one black acrylic freeform egg bead and one black crystal. Pass the wire back through the black acrylic freeform egg bead.

String on one black crystal bead. Place the dangle assembly around the necklace in the space created in the center in Step 6. Pass the end of the wire (the end coming out of the egg) through the crimp.
Pull the wire tight so the beads create a nicely formed loop. Using chain-nose pliers, compress the crimp. Using wire nippers, trim the excess wire.

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