Earrings with Glass Beads, Czech Fire-Polished Glass Beads and Gold-Plated Beads

Using the flush-cutters, cut two 4-inch lengths of cable chain and two 1-inch lengths of gold wire.
String a 6mm faceted aqua crystal onto an eyepin. Finish the end with a simple loop to create an aqua double-loop beading link. Repeat to create two.
String onto a 2-inch headpin, one 4mm gold heishi, one blue glass twist curl bead and one 2.5mm gold bead. Finish the end with a simple loop. Repeat to create two blue glass twist bead drops.

String one 4mm turquoise blue bicone crystal onto a 1-inch headpin. Finish the end with a simple loop. Repeat to create ten 4mm turquoise blue bicone crystal bead drops.

Repeat to create the following bead drops using one 1-inch headpin and one bead for each:
  • Twenty 3mm light aqua faceted crystal bead drops
  • Six 4mm teal druk bead drops
  • Eighteen 3mm gold bead drops
Attach one 4mm teal druk bead drop onto the center link of one length of chain. Attach the following in a random fashion:
  • Two 4mm teal druk bead drops
  • Nine 3mm aqua drops
  • Nine 3mm gold drops
  • Five 4mm turquoise bicone bead drops
Using chain-nose pliers, open a 4mm jumpring. Pass the jumpring through the last link on one end of the embellished length of chain, the loop on the blue glass twist bead drop, the last link on the other end of the chain and the loop on one 3mm faceted aqua crystal drop. Close the jumpring.

Slide the other loop on the aqua double-loop beading link onto an earwire.
Using a 1-inch piece of gold wire, wrap the center of the wire around the headpin between the blue glass twist bead and the 4mm gold heishi. Pass one end of the wire through a link on the chain next to the heishi and create a loop to hold the chain in place. Repeat using the other side of the wire to hold the opposite chain in place. Trim any excess wire sharp ends.
Repeat Steps 4 - 6 to create the second earring.

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