Triple-Strand Necklace with a Lampworked Glass Focal, Celestial Crystal® Beads, Copper Beads and Silver-Finished Brass Chain

Place one 4mm round green crystal onto a silver plated headpin. Finish the end with a simple loop to create a 4mm green crystal drop. Repeat to create 16, 4mm green crystal drops.

Repeat to create 22, 3mm copper bead drops using a copper headpin and one 3mm copper bead.
Using side-cutting pliers, cut three pieces of silver chain 24 inches in length and one piece 3 inches in length.
Using chain-nose pliers, open a 5mm jumpring and pass it through the first link of each of the three 24-inch pieces of chain and the loop on the lobster claw clasp. Close the jumpring. Repeat to attach the three pieces of chain to a 5mm jumpring (so there are two on this end).
Pass the chains through the hole on the flower drop. Place the flower in the center of the chain. Using all six lengths of chain, create an overhand knot approximately 1-inch from the flower drop.
Using chain-nose pliers, open the loop on one 3mm copper drop. Pass the open loop through a link in one length of chain above the overhand knot.

Repeat, randomly attaching 13, 3mm copper drops and ten 4mm green crystal drops to all six strands of chain within 2 inches of the knot.
Using the 3-inch piece of chain, randomly attach the remaining eight 3mm copper drops and six 4mm green crystal drops to links on the last 1-1/2 inches of chain.
Prepare a small amount of two-part epoxy and apply a small drop to the last link on the other end of the 1-1/2 inch length of chain (opposite the end with the attached drops). Place that link on the bottom of the loop on the curve on the back of the glass flower. Let the epoxy cure. Position the chain so it curves up and around the loop on the flower and then hangs in the front of the flower.

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