Multi-Strand Necklace with Wood Beads and Mahogany Seeds

Using scissors, cut six strands of hemp 72 inches in length and two strands 144 inches in length.
Gather two strands of 144 inch hemp (these will be used as the knotting strands) and three strands of 72 inch hemp (these will be used as the base strands). Arrange the strands with the short strands in the center and the long strands on the outside. Tape the five strands to the workstation, approximately 3 inches from the end.
Make a square knot using the two outside 144-inch strands over the three base strands. The basic pattern is:
  • Strand 1 over the base
  • Strand 2 over strand 1
  • Strand 2 under the base
  • Strand 2 through the loop
  • Strand 2 over base
  • Strand 1 over strand 2
  • Strand 1 under the base
  • Strand 1 through the loop
You must alternate each pass, starting with Strand 1 then Strand 2, to get a flat weave. If you start consistently with the same strand the weave will twist.

Continue making square knots until the woven portion of hemp is 2-1/4 inches in length. Trim the ends of the 72-inch strands so they are even.

Add the remaining three strands of 72-inch hemp to the five strands in the weave, lining up the ends so they are even. Continue making square knots for 2 inches more, for a total woven length of 4-1/4 inches.
Separate the strands into four sets of two. On the first set of two strands, make an overhand knot close to the last square knot.

Repeat making square knots at the end of each set of strands.
Select ten 20x5mm brown rectangle wood beads for use in the last step, set them aside.

Using the first set of two strands of hemp (set the other strands out of the way), separate the strands and string onto one strand four brown rondelle wood beads. Bring the two strands back together and tie an overhand knot to secure the beads in place approximately 3/4 inches from the first knot.

Continue to separate the strands, string on a bead (or sets of 3 - 5 beads if they are small) in a random pattern, and create an overhand knot to hold the beads in place. The knots should be between 3/4 inch and 1-1/4 inch apart depending on the size of the bead being strung on the hemp. The beaded portion of the hemp needs to measure approximately 36 inches.

Some beads may need to be reamed to make the holes larger in order to pass the hemp through. Repeat Step 5 on the remaining three sets of hemp, until there are four strands of beaded hemp 36 inches in length.
Repeat Step 3 making square knots using the two long strands over the six base strands until the pattern portion is 2 inches in length. Make sure not to cut the long strands. Cut three of the base strands flush with the last knot. This will leave three remaining base strands and the two longer strands. Continue to make square knots for another 2-1/4 inches for a total woven section of 4-1/4 inches in length. Place a small amount of glue on the last knot.
Cut the remaining hemp strands approximately 3 inches from the last knot.
String one 20x5mm brown rectangle wood bead on a strand of hemp. Make a surgeons knot about 1-inch from the end of the hemp to hold the bead in place. Repeat to place a bead on each of the ten hemp ends.

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