Ring with Swarovski Crystal Flat Backs and Apoxie®

Use moldable Apoxie sculpt to adhere Swarovski crystal flat backs or chatons in the open channel of each of these rings. Use different colors of flat backs, chatons and Apoxie for different effects.

Open a 50-gram package of Apoxie sculpt molding compound. Label one 25-gram package Pack A and the other Pack B. Put on a pair of vinyl gloves. Pinch off an equal amount from Pack A and Pack B, equivalent to the size of a pea. Mix the two parts together for exactly two minutes.
Using acrylic slats and a roller or a Poly-Roller™ Machine, roll the Apoxie to 2-3mm thickness (the larger the chaton the thicker the Apoxie will need to be).
Place the Apoxie onto your work surface. Gently roll the channel of the ring against the Apoxie leaving an impression of the channel. Using the marks as a guide, cut the Apoxie within the lines left from the channel impression.
Gently lift the Apoxie off of the work surface and place it into the channel setting. Gently press the Apoxie onto the surface of the channel and trim accordingly.
Take a bead cap, turn it upside down and lightly push it into the Apoxie. Add a small round ball of Apoxie into the middle of the upside down bead cap. With your tweezers, place a Swarovski crystal flat back in the middle of the Apoxie ball and lightly push on the flat back so it is well seated in the upside down bead cap.

Using a pair of tweezers or the Tweezer Vac™, place Swarovski crystal flat backs in the Apoxie, along the channel. Press on the Swarovski crystal flat backs so they are well seated and level.

Continue placing Swarovski crystal flat backs in the channel, keeping them close together, until you have filled the channel with as many Swarovski crystal flat backs as you'd like.
Once all the Swarovski crystal flat backs are in place, review their placement, make any necessary adjustments, then set the ring aside until the Apoxie cures, about 3 hours.

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