Choker-Style Necklace and Earring Set with Crystal Passions® Components and Accu-Flex® Beading Wire


Cut two 85-inch lengths of Accu-Flex professional-quality beading wire.
Match up one end of two lengths of beading wire then fold the lengths in half creating four strands. Match up all four ends then pass them through one sterling silver 3x3mm crimp. Pull the beading wire through the crimp evenly, creating an approximately 1/4 inch loop then crimp the crimp bead.
Pin or tape the crimped end of the beading wire strands to your work station to make it easier to form your knots evenly.
Separate the four strands into two sets of two (set A and set B). Create a loose loop close to the crimp with set A then pass the end of set B through the loop. Pull set B completely through the loop. Create a loose loop with set B and pass set A completely through the loop.

Continue to create loops alternate between set A and B until the desired length is reached. The necklace should be long enough to stretch over your head, but rest against your neck.
Once the desired length is reached gather the ends of beading wire then string a second crimp. Pass ends through the loop from Step 2. Pass two of the four ends back through the crimp bead then pull the beading wire until the loop is approximately 1/4 inch. Crimp the crimp bead then trim the ends of the beading wire close to the crimp.
String one Crystal Passions 11x8mm iridescent purple pear pearl onto one 3-inch headpin. Using a pair of chain-nose pliers, round-nose pliers form a simple loop. Wrap the wire around the round-nose pliers a second time creating a double loop then trim the excess wire.

Repeat to create a total of three iridescent purple drops.
Pass one 6mm jumpring through the loop on one iridescent purple drop and the center loop on the beading wire choker and close.
Pass one 6mm jumpring through the hole in one Crystal Passions silver shade 13x6.5mm briolette and the next loop on the same side as the previous drop.

Continue to alternate this pattern for the next two loops.

Repeat to attach drops and briolettes in the same pattern on the opposite side of the necklace.


Pass one 6mm jumpring through one Crystal Passions 13x6.5mm briolette and the loop on one leverback earwire and close.

Repeat to create a second earring.

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