Graduation Cap with Crystal Passions® Flat Backss

Create a template of the desired message in the font and size you would like in Word and print. Cut out the letters from the template.

Temporarily attach the template to the top of the graduation cap.
Apply a generous amount of E-6000® Fray Lock™ inside the template then affix 2.5 - 4mm white opal flat backs. Allow to dry according to manufacturer's instructions.
Place the graduation cap on a flat surface then remove the template from the cap. Arrange 3.8 - 7.27mm clear flat backs and 7mm white opal flat backs around the dried message in the pattern of your choice. Use the Crystal Katana positioner tool to apply adhesive to the flat backs and replace them in the pattern.

Glue one clear 14mm heart flat back to the button in the center of the cap.

Allow to dry according to manufacturer's instructions.

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