Triple-Strand Bracelet with Swarovski® Crystals

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Using alcohol wipes clean both palace crimp ends on the inside.
Using the black suede lace, make a double overhand knot in the center. Pull down on the knot to make sure it is snug. Slip on (1) 5043 11mm amethyst shimmer 2x large hole bead and create another double overhand knot on the open side of the bead. Add one more bead on each side. Ending with a knot on each end to close off the beads. Set aside.
Cut the 0.5mm black leather into two equal pieces. Using one piece, slip on (6) 5500 9x6mm amethyst shimmer 2x beads. Center the beads and mark the leather on each end. While holding the beads in place, create a double overhand knot on each side of the set of 6 beads. Keep the leather snug as you pull down on the end. Repeat for second side.
Line up the three strands of leather with the large hole beads in the center and one each of the tear drop beads on the outsides. Cut the 0.5mm to desired length plus one inch on each end; repeat for second strand. Cut the suede lace to desired length plus 3/8" inch on each end. NOTE: to calculate desired length, make sure to include the length of the clasp and two jump rings into your calculations or it will be too big.
On each end of each piece of 0.5mm leather strand make an overhand knot at each end. Repeat for the second piece.
Line up the three strands of leather with the large hole beads in the center and one each of the tear drop beads on the outsides. Each of the three strands should be of similar length.
Using the two-part epoxy glue, place one large dab in the center of the palace crimp end. Using a tooth pick spread the glue on the inside. Slip the end of the suede lace into the center of the crimp, followed by (1) 0.5mm leather knotted end to the left of the suede and the second piece to the right of the suede. Repeat for second side. Let sit until the glue sets.
Once the glue sets, squeeze the palace crimp end until the crimp holds the leather in place. Repeat for the second side.
Attach one 6mm jump ring to the loop of the palace crimp end and repeat for the second side.
Attach the two jump rings from Step 9 to each end of the rope magnetic clasp.

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