Bracelet with Swarovski® Crystals and Metal Component

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Using alcohol wipes, clean off the Scrolled Border Oval blank and set aside to dry.
Using two-part epoxy, glue the one 2196/4 Oval Cabochon Flatback to the blank side of the Scrolled Border Oval blank and set aside for 24 hours to dry.
Split the 1mm leather into two pieces. String one piece through the hole of the oval blank. Pull tails to match. Repeat for second side.
Split the 24-gauge wire into two even pieces. Approximately 3/8" from the hole of the blank, perform a wire wrap, keeping the wire snug and wrap 4-5 times. Repeat for the second side using the remaining piece of wire.
Slip on (1) 14mm 5948 BeCharmed Bead in Crystal Golden Shadow through the pair of leather strands on one side of the cabochon, keeping the bead on the cabochon end. Make a double overhand knot and slide the bead down on top of the knot. Repeat for the other side.

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