Summer Holidays Chain Mail Pendant with Swarovski Crystal

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Open all 6 of the 8mm jumprings with flat-nose pliers. Attach four 12mm closed jumprings to two of the 8mm open rings as shown in illustration. Close the small rings. Arrange your rings into three pairs of two.
Attach the waxed cord to one end of the jumprings (as shown in the illustration).
Fold the two 12mm rings that are not attached to the cord back, away from each other. Slide the two small rings--which are now on top--fully to each side. Pull the inside part of the 12mm jumprings to the top with tweezers (see 5th and 6th picture in illustration).
Place two open 8mm jumprings around the 12mm jumprings and close them.
Open two 12mm jumprings and add them to the small ones added in the last step. Repeat step 3 with the two 12mm and two 8mm jumprings on top (result is shown in the illustration).
Open the 18mm jumpring and hang it into the Swarovski crystal Pendant article 6904 45mm in Crystal Silver Shade.
Slide the 18mm jumpring with the Swarovski crystal Pendant between the two 12mm jumprings as shown in the illustration. Take the last two open 8mm jumprings and close one on the left side of both the 12mm and the 18mm jumprings and one on the right side of both the 12mm and 18mm jumprings.

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