Christmas Boot and Christmas Bell Decoration with Swarovski Crystal

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Print out the pattern and cut it out along the marked red line.

Put some double-sided tape behind the bell pattern and put it on the fabric. The light grey arrow shows the direction that the run of the thread of the fabric should have. Cut out as shown in illustrations then remove the pattern. Repeat this step one more time to get another bell.

Place the bell pattern on the light red fabric as shown in the illustration and cut out the part of the bell shape and repeat it one more time to again get one more bell shape with the dark red fringes at the bottom, as shown in the illustration in this step.

Put the bell pattern on the fuchsia coloured fabric exactly the way shown in the illustration so that the second line falls at the bottom of the fabric where the fringes end. As done before repeat this one more time to get another bell in this fabric colour.
Fix the entire three parts one on top of each other with some pins as shown.

Cut 1 m of the dark red embroidery thread and, using the beading needle, stitch from back to the front without cutting the shorter end behind. Insert 2 Swarovski crystal Beads in Crystal Metallic Gold onto this thread and repeat this step 8 more times going in a diagonal stitching pattern as depicted in the illustration. Beads should be only inserted on every other thread that is stitched as shown in the illustration.

Move back in the opposite direction exactly the same way finishing this row as shown and come out at the point where you can start the next row as depicted in the illustrations.

Repeat step 6 for the upper row, but this time start the first stitch without the Swarovski crystal Beads and then add to every other stitch the Swarovski crystal Beads as shown in the illustration. Make four backstitches with the leftover thread on the back side and cut off the excess. Repeat steps 5-7 one more time to get another bell. Remove the pins as shown in the illustration.
Cut 40 cm from ribbon and 10 cm from nylon thread for fixing the ribbon. Make a knot at the lower end of the thread marked as number 1 in the illustration and insert one Swarovski crystal Bead article 5005 16mm in Crystal Copper. Fold over the other end of the ribbon forming an 8 cm loop over the bell as shown. Make 4 backstitches with nylon thread to fix the ribbon where number 2 is marked in the illustration.

Now place the other bell on top of this bell as shown and secure them with pins.

Cut 1m nylon thread and start stitching the two bells together, stopping a bit before you completely stitch the two bells together and open the gap.

Fill the bell with some cotton and repeat step 10 to complete stitching the two bells together. Make 4 backstitches at the point marked as number 1 and cut off the left over thread as shown in the illustration.

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