Single-Strand Necklace with Chatons and Gold-Filled Chain

Place one 4mm light sapphire chaton into the back of a bezellite setting. Use a pair of chain-nose pliers and gently fold down the prongs to hold the chaton in place.

Repeat to set one 4mm iris blue chaton, 4mm smoky topaz chaton, 4mm aquamarine chaton, 4mm rose chaton, 4mm olivine chaton, 4mm lavender chaton, 4mm amber yellow chaton, 4mm black diamond chaton and 4mm jet chaton.
Using flush-cutters, cut one 17-inch length of gold-filled 2.5x2mm flat cable chain.
Using a pair of chain-nose pliers and flat-nose pliers, open a 4mm jumpring. Pass it through the loop on the first half of the clasp and the first link of the 17-inch length of gold-filled 2.5x2mm flat cable chain. Close the jumpring.
Attach the following drops to the chain using 3mm jumprings:
  • 4mm jet chaton on the 85th link
  • 4mm aqua blue chaton on the 89th link
  • 4mm lavender chaton on the 93rd link
  • 4mm amber yellow chaton on the 97th link
  • 4mm olivine chaton on the 101st link
  • 4mm iris blue chaton on the 105th link
  • 4mm smoky topaz chaton on the 109th link
  • 4mm rose chaton on the 113th link
  • 4mm light sapphire chaton on the 117th link
  • 4mm black diamond chaton on the 121st link

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