Clip-On Earrings with Swarovski Crystal Beads and Components and Gold-Plated Brass Toggle Clasps

Jazzing up flat surfaces on unexpected materials is an easy way to make unconventional and show-stopping holiday designs that are highly anticipated as gifts and admired by onlookers. This idea, featuring a toggle clasp decorated with glittering holiday-hued Swarovski flat back crystals, is a fun way to commence a festive winter season.
Lay out, grouped together by color on a flat surface, the emerald, the red magma and the light Colorado topaz flat backs with the faceted side facing up.
Draw a thin line of adhesive around one half of the forward-facing surface of a gold-plated toggle ring. Working quickly, pick up flat back crystals using a waxed toothpick, a moistened fingertip or the Tweezer Vacâ„¢ and gently apply the flat backs, foil-side down, to the adhesive. Alternate crystal colors between red magma and light Colorado topaz. Keep the space between the flat back crystals minimal. Apply a thin layer of adhesive to the second half of the toggle and continue adding crystals. When the toggle ring face is covered, set it aside and let dry for 10 minutes.

Repeat for the second toggle ring.
Once dry, hold one decorated toggle ring from Step 2 by the loop and apply a thin layer of adhesive to the wide edge or side. Hold the toggle ring by the loop to affix emerald flat back crystals onto the new layer of adhesive. Keep the space between the flat back crystals minimal. Set aside the completed toggle ring and let dry.

Repeat for the second toggle ring.
Apply small drops of adhesive to the flat round spaces of an antiqued gold pewter flower bead cap. Working quickly, gently apply the flat backs to the adhesive dots, alternating between red magma and emerald colors. Set the decorated bead cap aside and let dry.

Repeat for the second bead cap.
Using chain-nose pliers, bend the bezel prongs of a gold-plated clip-on earring outward so the prongs lay flat.
Mix equal parts of 5-minute 2-part epoxy following manufacturer's instructions. Apply a dollop of mixed epoxy into the bezel cup on the earring. This should be enough to fill the pronged cup of the clip-on earring without overflowing or dripping. Count for 30 seconds and then gently press a gold-plated sew-on component down into the epoxy dollop. Position the sew-on component evenly on the earring cup, making sure the loop at the bottom of the earring cup is visible. Hold the sew-on component in place for a minute until the epoxy firms slightly. Set aside, resting securely in a horizontal position to prevent the sew-on component from sliding or shifting out of place. Let sit for 5 minutes until epoxy is cured.

Repeat Steps 5 and 6 for the second clip-on earring.

Tip: A quick and easy stand for holding the clip-on earring while the epoxy cures can be made by making a small dash, about 1/2 inch deep, in a small square of soft green florist foam. Push the lever of the clip-on earring into the small dash, keeping the clip-on earring in the open position.
Thread onto a gold-plated ball headpin:
  • One antiqued gold dotted rondelle
  • One gold-plated ribbed bead cap
  • One 10mm emerald Swarovski round
  • One antiqued gold pewter flower bead cap from Step 4
Using round-nose pliers and chain-nose pliers, make a wrapped loop with the wire doubling back on itself toward the loop to create a thicker wire-wrapped stem.
Open one 3mm jumpring and thread through the loop of the decorated toggle ring from Step 3 and through the loop of the clip-on earring. Close the jumpring.
Open one 4mm jumpring. Thread the open ring through a closed 4mm jumpring and the loop of the bar portion of the toggle clasp.

Open a 3mm jumpring and thread it through the last dangle jumpring attached to the toggle bar and through the top loop of the beaded bead cap drop from Step 7. Close the 4mm jumpring.
Thread the toggle bar through the decorated toggle ring, back-to-front, so that the toggle bar rests against the decorated portion of the toggle ring.
Repeat Steps 7 - 11 to complete the second earring.

Options: Expand this concept by using toggle clasps, fancy headpins and Swarovski flat back crystals in other available styles, colors and sizes.

TWO earring styles in one! Just unclasp the toggle bar!

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