Single-Strand Necklace with "Pewter" and Enamel Beads, Swarovski Crystal Beads and Pearls and Gold-Plated Jumprings

The beautiful enameled rondelles used in this necklace come in a wide array of colors--green, red and white were selected to create a fun holiday design. The curled wire ribbons add a bit of air and festivity which make this great for an office holiday party or a special family Christmas gathering.

Using a pair of flat-nose pliers and chain-nose pliers, open one 7mm 18-gauge gold-plated jumpring. Pass it through a loop on one half of the clasp. Close the jumpring. Repeat to add a 7mm jumpring to each loop on one half of the clasp. Repeat to add three 7mm jumprings on the other half of the clasp. Set the clasp aside.
Open 31 8mm fancy jumprings. Onto one open 8mm jumpring, add one 12mm gold-plated jumpring and one 10mm fancy jumpring. Close the 8mm fancy jumpring.

Link one 8mm fancy jumpring through the two larger jumprings added in Step 2 and add one 12mm gold-plated jumpring and one 10mm fancy jumpring. Close the 8mm fancy jumpring.

Repeat to create a chain of jumprings as long as you'd like your necklace. The necklace shown is 16 inches without the clasp.

Pass one of the remaining two 8mm fancy jumprings through the three 7mm jumprings added to one half of the clasp. Close the jumpring.

Repeat on the other half of the necklace.
Onto one headpin, place one 6mm dark green Swarovski pearl. Finish the headpin with a simple loop to create a dark green pearl drop. Repeat to create four dark green pearl drops.

Repeat to create two 4mm light green Swarovski pearl drops and six 5mm sand opal Swarovski bicone drops. Do not discard the extra wire cut from the headpins as they will be used in Step 5.
Using one length of the wire cut from the headpins used in Step 4, form a simple loop on one end. Form a simple loop above the first loop to create a figure eight wire element.

Repeat to make twelve.
Open one loop on one figure eight wire element and slip on one gold-plated drop with the curved side facing out. Place a second gold-plated drop onto the open loop so the curved side faces the opposite direction of the first. Place the loop of one drop made in Step 4 onto the open loop. Close the loop on the wire element.

Repeat until all of the drops are assembled onto figure eight wire elements.
Open the top loop of one figure eight that has a dark green pearl drop and place it on the 8mm fancy jumpring on either side of the center pair of jumprings. Close the loop.

Repeat to add another dark green pearl wire element onto the 8mm fancy jumpring on the other side of the center pair of jumprings.

Working from the center out, repeat adding drops along the 8mm fancy jumprings, alternating pearls with sand opal drops. The drops designate the front side of the necklace.
Open twelve 12mm jumprings. Onto one open jumpring, place one large red enameled rondelle with crystals and one 10mm fancy jumpring. Pass the open ring through the center two jumprings on the length of jumpring chain. Close the 12mm jumpring.

Repeat, working from the center drop out, adding five 14x5.5mm enameled rondelles along each half of the length of the chain.
Onto one 12mm open jumpring, place one 12x6mm white enameled rondelle then pass it through the next set of jumprings in the chain following the last large enameled rondelle placed in Step 8.

Repeat on the other side of the chain.
Open one 8mm fancy jumpring and place on one closed 8mm fancy jumpring. Open one 10mm fancy jumpring and add it to one 8mm jumpring and one 12mm gold-plated crystal clear rondelle.

Close the jumpring creating a long drop. Open the top 8mm fancy jumpring and place it on the back side of the 12mm jumpring in the center of the length of chain. This drop should hang behind the large red enameled drop.

Repeat adding long drops behind each of the rondelles along the chain, changing the elements along the bottom of the drops to suit your preference.
Starting at the top of the forming pliers, grip the end of the 20-gauge half-hard twisted gold-filled wire. Rotate your wrist so the wire forms around the round nose of the forming pliers. Continue to rotate your wrist so the wire coils around the nose of the pliers, forming a coil that is somewhat loose with the loops spaced apart. Continue to spiral the wire for as long as you'd like the wire ribbon to be.

Using the flush-cutters, about 1/4 inch from the last coil on the ribbon, cut the wire from the spool of wire. Form the end into a simple loop.

For the ribbons on the necklace shown, the simple loops were sometimes turned inward and sometimes turned out so the ribbons hang differently.
Open the simple loop on one wire ribbon and connect it to the 12mm jumpring in one pair of jumprings along the section of chain where you have hung the drops.

Repeat adding as many ribbons as you'd like on your necklace. In the necklace shown, two ribbons were added to the center pair of jumprings and one ribbon was added to each of the other 12mm jumprings along the section with drops.

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