Bracelet with Colored Brass Patina Focals and Drops


Lay out the bright teal, olive and bright purple large diamond drops on a disposable work surface.

Using the pigment stamp pad, ink the romance letter stamp. Press the stamp onto the drops. Press firmly so you are sure the ink transfers to the drops cleanly. Lift a corner of the stamp to peek and see if the ink transferred to the drops as you would like.

If so, remove the stamp. If not, carefully put the stamp back down and press firmly again. Once you are happy with the impression, remove the stamp; set the drops aside.

Once removed, clean the ink off of the stamp.

Repeat, adding a stamped impression to the two 24x12mm teardrop drops, the 30mm round drop and the 30x20mm oval drop, using the romance texture stamp.

Set the drops aside so the ink can set.
Place the disc cutter onto a stable work surface. Remove all of the punches. Center a bright purple diamond drop in the largest opening in the cutter. Place the punch into the hole. Using the hammer, tap the punch, working it through the drop at a slow and steady pace.

Work until the center is removed from the bright purple drop.
Find the center of an olive marquise drop. Using the steel hole-punch, place two holes on either side of the center, placing the holes so there is about 3mm of space between them.

Using flush-cutters, trim the head off of a headpin. Place the round-nose pliers about 1/2 inch down from one end of the wire. Form a loop in the wire at this position. Place the loop through the two holes made in the marquise drop.

Cross the short end over the long end. Wrap the short length of wire over the long end where the two wires meet.

This will secure the wire to the drop, forming it into a toggle bar for your clasp, as well as set the wire up to create a second loop to be used when connecting the toggle bar to the chains in the design.

Form a wrapped loop using the remaining long length of wire, wrapping the wire until it meets the wrap from the first loop.
Optional Embellishment: Using a pair of chain-nose and flat-nose pliers, open a 6mm jumpring. Pass it through the hole on the olive drop. Close the jumpring. Open a second jumpring and pass it through the first jumpring, the hole on a jewel-tone blue marquise drop and a fancy jumpring. Close the jumpring.
Place one large diamond drop with a stamped impression onto a disposable work surface. Apply a layer of Magic-Glos™ to the center of the drop. The Magic-Glos is self-leveling and will work its way to the edges of the drop.

Tip: If you would like, you can work the Magic-Glos to the edges by carefully tilting the drops in all directions until the surface is covered.

Carefully move the drop to a source of UV light--this can be a true UV light source or somewhere in direct sunlight. The curing time will vary depending on the intensity of the light.

Repeat to coat the two other large diamond drops with Magic-Glos.

Set the drops aside for later.
Place the remaining stamped drops onto a disposable work surface. Dip a paintbrush into the container of Mona Lisa top coat sealant and apply a thin layer to each drop.

Tip: Place a toothpick into the hole of each drop to help hold them while you brush the gloss onto the surface.

Set the drops aside while the gloss cures.
Using flush-cutters, cut three 7-inch lengths of chain.
Open five 6mm jumprings. Pass one open jumpring through the 3rd link on one length of chain. Add on a brown diamond drop, a bright gold rectangle drop and a fancy jumpring. Close the jumpring.

Repeat, adding four more sets of a rectangle and square drop and a fancy jumpring along the 7-inch length of chain.

Open 33, 6mm jumprings. Use the jumprings to add the remaining smaller drops along the length of a second 7-inch length of chain.
Open seven 6mm jumprings. Use the jumprings to add the large stamped drops to the third length of chain.
Open two jumprings. Place one jumpring through the hole on the bright purple diamond toggle ring. Close the jumpring. Place a jumpring through the first jumpring and the last link on each length of chain. Close the jumpring.
Repeat Step 10 to connect the other end of each length of chain to the olive marquise toggle bar.

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