Earrings with Swarovski Crystal Embellishments, Aanraku® Bails and Gold-Plated Brass Chain

Using ODX degreaser, clean the bails and the back of each flat back, following manufacturer's directions.

Tip: Cleaning all parts will ensure a good bond between the bails and the flat backs.

Squeeze onto a disposable work surface, equal amounts of Part A and Part B of the epoxy. Using a toothpick, blend the two parts of the epoxy together until well blended.

Note: When gluing a finding to Swarovski crystals with a foil back surface, it is better to use a two-part epoxy than a cyanoacrylate glue. Cyanoacrylate adhesives cure quickly and can pull the foil off of the crystals.
Place a heart bail flat, with the reservoir facing up, onto a disposable work surface. Using a toothpick, pick up a small dab of epoxy and place it into the reservoir.
Center, then place a 12mm Swarovski crystal AB flat back onto the bail so the center of the top edge of the crystal rests against the bottom edge of the loop of the bail.

Carefully set the bail and crystal aside until the epoxy cures, following manufacturer's recommended curing time.
Repeat Step 3 until all of the four crystals and leaf bails are assembled.
Using flush-cutters, cut the following lengths of cable chain: 3-inch; 2-1/2 inch; 2-inch; 1-1/2 inch; 1-inch

Cut the following lengths of ball chain: 3-1/2 inch; 2-1/2 inch; 1-1/2 inch.
Place the last ball from one length of chain into the opening on a bead tip. Using chain-nose pliers, close the bead tip, capturing the ball chain. Make sure both loops on the bead tip line up so you will be able to pass a jumpring through the holes.

Repeat so each length of ball chain has a bead tip added to one end.
Using a pair of flat-nose pliers and chain-nose pliers, open three jumprings. Pass one open jumpring through the loop of the bead tips added to the ball chain. Close the jumpring.
Open five jumprings. Pass one open jumpring through the last link on one end of a 3-inch length of chain and the bail with a 12mm Swarovski crystal added. Close the jumprings.

Repeat, adding a bail with a 10mm crystal to a 2-inch and a 1-inch length of chain. Add a bail with a 10x8mm crystal to the 2-1/2 inch and 1-1/2 inch lengths of chain.
Open one jumpring. Place the open jumpring through the loop on the bottom of an earstud then the first link of each length of cable chain assembled in Step 8 and the jumpring connected to each bead tip in Step 7; place them in an alternating pattern so the dangles layer in front of each other. Close the jumpring.

Repeat Steps 5-9 to complete the second earring.

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