Bib-Style Necklace with Swarovski Crystal and Nylon Cord

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Cut the following pieces of cord: A = 10 1.30m pieces of beige cord, B = two 1.35m pieces of beige cord, C = 1 30m piece of black cord. Place the cords next to each other in such a way that the longest cords are placed on the outer sides and are 5cm longer than the rest of the cords at both ends and the black cord is in the middle.

Cut two 10cm pieces of nylon threads and tie a knot with one thread 25cm up from the shorter cords as shown in the illustration.

Separate the cords to sets of 4 each on left and right and 5 cords for the one in the middle. Begin braiding the cords after the nylon tie so you are braiding towards the longer end of the cords. Braid approximately 50cm of yarn, leaving 25cm of yarn on the other side of necklace unbraided. (You will have only the middle section of the necklace braided.) Be careful about the fact that the black thread should be only visible on the front side and not at the back side.

Make a single knot at the end of the braided cords with the second piece of nylon thread (cut in step 2) leaving 25cm of cord unbraided as shown in the illustrations. Tie a single knot with the two longer cords on both ends of the cord.

Make a bow with the cords that lie next to each other as shown.

Repeat step 5 to make bows with all cords on both sides. Leave out the black cords on both ends. Loops of the bows should be almost equivalent to the cord ends.

Cut 10cm of 0.3mm nylon thread. Melt a ball at one end of the thread using a lighter and insert 12 Swarovski XILION Beads art. 5328 3mm Greige. Place the thread around the area where braiding ends and thread the other end of nylon thread twice through first two XILION Beads. Cut the thread ends to a length of 1cm and melt them to form a ball.

Cut twelve 30cm pieces of 0.3mm nylon thread and melt balls on one end of each of them. String 42 XILION Beads art. 5328 3mm Jet Hematite onto one of the threads. Thread the end of the nylon thread through the first XILION Bead as shown in the illustrations.

Insert the loose thread end from the previous step through one of the XILION Beads from the crystal loop that was created in step 7. Slide on 22 XILION Beads 3mm Dark Red Coral to this end as shown.

Thread the loose end through the last Bead twice and melt the end to a ball as shown in the illustrations. Repeat steps 8-10 five more times to complete the crystal strands referring to the illustrations for sequence.

Repeat steps 7-10 once for other side of necklace. Tie a bow with the two leftover black cords as shown.

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