Key Ring with Swarovski Crystal and Twisted Nylon Cord

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Cut off 44cm of 6mm cord. Connect the two ends with tape as see in the illustration.

Turn the circle to an 8 and then again to a smaller circle as shown in the illustrations.

Repeat step 2 once more to form a smaller circle.

Cut two times a 5 cm wire and wrap it on to the cord as shown. Cut 1m of 0.3mm nylon thread and wrap it around the cord at the side with the tape. Make a double knot and move both of the ends upwards. Slide on to both ends two Swarovski XILION Beads art. 5328 Crystal Satin and then a Bead art. 5590 18x7.5mm. On one of these ends insert 8 XILION Beads 3mm Crystal Satin. Wrap the Beads around the key ring and with the other thread marked with red in the illustration go through all 8 Swarovski Beads as shown. Go back through the Bead art. 5590 18x7.5mm Crystal and the XILION Bead art. 5328 Crystal Satin and tie a knot with the thread ends as shown in the illustrations in this step.

Slide on 8 XILION Beads art. 5328 3mm Burgundy on one end of the thread and 9 Beads art. 5328 3mm Burgundy beads on the other end. Pull the end with 8 XILION Beads through the 9th Bead of the other string, so that a loop around cord ring occurs.

Slide onto both thread ends 54 Swarovski XILION Beads 3mm Crystal Satin. Then slide the nylon thread in through the last crystal once more at both ends as shown in the illustrations. Wrap this beaded nylon thread around the cord starting from the outer most wrap and move towards the middle.

After the third wrap tighten the thread ends by wrapping it twice in-between the space between the third wrap of Satin colored crystals and the middle wrap of Burgundy colored crystals. Tie a double knot as depicted in the illustrations.

Pull both ends through the cord with the help of a needle. Cut the left over thread ends and melt them into a ball with a lighter.

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