Candle Holders with Swarovski Crystal

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Cut 10cm of silver wire (0.8mm) and form spirals using round-nose pliers (approx. 7mm in length). Cut the spirals to get 7 jumprings as illustrated.
Cut two 8mm pieces of chain and one 20mm piece and attach them with two jumprings. Attach one jumpring to the end of the 8mm piece. Cut one 54cm piece of chain and attach it to another 4mm jumpring as shown in the illustrations in this step.
Cut a 2cm, a 3cm and a 6cm chain. Attach a 7mm jumpring and a Swarovski pendant art. 6714 20mm crystal onto one end of the 2cm long chain. Similarly attach a Swarovski pendant art. 6714 28mm crystal AB and a pendant art. 6714 20mm crystal AB to the 3cm and 6cm chains respectively.
Open the first three jumprings in the chain created in Step 2 and attach the chains with the crystals as shown in the illustrations.

Open a 4mm jumpring as marked half red in the illustrations which would also help in attaching the other two jumprings marked with arrow heads around the candle stand. Place the chain around the candle stand and insert the open jumpring through the two closed jumprings and close. Cut off excess using side cutters.

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