Hot-Water Bottle Cover with Swarovski Crystal

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With the help of a compass make six circles onto the cardboard. Make two 4.7cm outer and 1.5cm inner diameter; make two more that are 4cm outer and 1.2cm inner and third pair to a size of 3cm outer diameter and 1cm inner as illustrated. Cut them out.
Put the 4.7cm pair on top of each other. Cut 2m of thread made of wool and wind it all around the circle pattern as shown in the illustrations. Cut the thread all around the circle pattern marked with a red line in the illustrations and also cut the leftover thread ends marked with black arrows in the illustrations. (Note: to make a bigger pompon cut two 2m of wool and repeat the entire step.)
Cut 30cm of wool thread and pull it through in between the cardboard piece and tie a double knot. Remove the cardboard.
Slide a Swarovski bead art. 5944 14mm crystal onto one end of the woolen thread. Pierce it through to the other end and pierce the other end also through the pompon and tie a double knot to secure the crystal knot. Repeat Steps 2-4 in order to make pompons in various sizes and with different Swarovski crystal using the remaining circular patterns cut in the first step.
Sew the pompons onto the hot water bottle cover with both thread ends as depicted in the illustrations in this step. Cut off the leftover thread.

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