Bib-Style Necklace with Swarovski Crystal

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Draw a 5cm diameter circle or use the one in the illustrations. Stick double-sided tape on the back.
Place the pattern on top of a piece of leather and cut out the circle.
Cut a 1m piece of 0.35mm nylon thread. Start stitching from the back of the leather to the front 3mm in from the edge. Stitch on the Swarovski crystal pearl article 5810 3mm crystal petrol pearl as shown in the illustrations.
Pull the nylon threads to get the shape seen in the illustrations. Remove the tape and fit in the Swarovski round stone article 1201 35mm jet hematite. Tie a double knot with both thread ends. Stitch one thread end to the other side so that there is one thread on both of sides.
Cut a nylon thread 50cm long. Stitch four back stitches on one end of the 20cm long piece of ribbon leaving a space of 1.5cm at one end. Then stitch through to the other end leaving a 1.5cm space at this end as well.
Stitch the ends together leaving the 1.5cm space as done above. Fold the ribbon ends inward and sew them on to the ribbon as depicted in the illustrations. Repeat Steps 5 and 6 three more times to make the other three ribbon pieces.
Use the pattern provided in the illustrations or cut a 5cm leather circle on your own. Put this pattern on a leather piece and cut out four circular pieces of leather all together. Stick these leather pieces on the back side of each of the ribbon pieces.
Glue the fancy stone article 4196 30x26mm Montana from the Swarovski crystal assortment in the middle of one of the ribbon pieces. Repeat this step with the remaining Swarovski round stones article 1201.
Pin all ribbons together as shown and then stitch them together with sewing thread. Stitch the leather piece from Step 4 as well as shown using the two loose ends of nylon thread.
Attach the jumpring along with a Swarovski pendant article 6128 10mm crystal copper to the ribbon as depicted in the illustration. Repeat this step 20 more times to attach all the other jumprings and Swarovski crystal onto the ribbons.
Cut four 30cm long pieces of tigertail. Slide on 23 Swarovski crystal pearls art. 5810 3mm crystal petrol pearls, one crimp tube and one split ring onto one piece of tigertail. Slide the tigertail back through the crimp tube. Pull it tight, crimp the crimping tube and cut off the extra tigertail at this end. Repeat to crimp and fix another split ring to the other end. Repeat this step one more time to get another string of crystal pearls.
Repeat Step 11 once more to get two bead strands using beads article 5328 4mm denim blue from the Swarovski crystal assortment.
Open a jumpring and slide it through the ribbon rosettes and crystal pearl and bead strands on one end. On the other end of these strands attach an extension chain with one more jumpring. Similarly slide on another jumpring through the ribbon rosettes on the other side and attach the other set of crystal pearl and bead strands. On the other end of this strand attach a lobster clasp with one jumpring as show in the illustrations.

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