Bracelet with Dione Large-Hole Beads, Gold-Plated Brass with Crystal Beads and 14Kt Gold-Filled Beads

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String your own style story with Fire Mountain Gems and Beads' Dione Add A Bead jewelry system. According to Greek mythology, Dione (Dee-OH-nee) is the mother of Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty. Recognized for its affordable elegance and ease of use ...
Twist off the threaded ball end on one Dione Easy-On Chain.
String onto the chain one 14Kt gold-filled 8mm round and one Dione gold-finished and Czech crystal clear 8x3mm rondelle.

Repeat to string a total of seven sets.
Continue to string:
  • One 14Kt gold-filled 8mm round
  • One Dione gold-finished and enamel red 12x6mm beaded rondelle
Repeat to string a total of five sets.
Repeat Step 2 to string a total of seven sets then string one 14Kt gold-filled 8mm round.
Twist the ball end of the chain back on to secure.
Tip: Easily change out Dione large-hole beads to match outfits for a customizable look!

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