Angel Pin with Cat's Eye Glass Cabochon, Golden Lip Shell, Mother-of-Pearl, and Resin Focal and Wirework

I started with the wings. Take (3) 8-inch pieces of wire. Holding opposite ends I turned the wire toward the middle of the section and wrapped them. I spread the wings for the desired look I wanted.
I took the shell piece and laid out (3) pieces of wire 14 inches long. Using this I formed a cage for the shell and wrapped the top of the cage to keep it closed.

I took (4) of the excess wires at the top of the cage and fashioned the swirls just under the face.
I took the (2) remaining wires from the neck area and glued the pearl to them.
I glued the shell with the cage and pearl in the middle of the wings.
I glued a tie tack to the back of the pearl.

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