Earrings with Swarovski Crystal and Gold-Filled Chain

These earrings can be made using any color marquise drops, montées and stones you like. Make the design larger to create a matching pendant or focal piece for a choker and/or bracelet design.

Place a plastic spoon along the edge of the metal sheet. Using a fine-tipped permanent marker, trace around the spoon. Cut the shape out of the sheet then trim to resemble an arrowhead. Using the micro-mesh sanding sponges, sand the edges so they are not sharp.

Repeat to create a second arrowhead shape.
Using flush-cutters, clip the top loop off of 18 (of your 20) Siam marquise drops. Apply a thin layer of E-6000® adhesive to the top section of the arrowhead shape. Using tweezers, dip one marquise drop (with the loop still intact) into E-6000 then place at the top of the arrowhead shape with the loop facing up. The loop will be used to attach to the earring. Dip into adhesive then place one oval Siam stone below the marquise.
Dip into adhesive then place a marquise stone (without a loop) on each side of the center marquise. Continue adding marquise stones on each side along the outside edge so there are a total of 9 on the metal base. When placing the last two marquise stones on each side, they will be in more of a horizontal position.
Place a marquise stone (without a loop) below the oval stone so it lies horizontally.

Allow to dry until the stones are set, approximately 15 minutes.
Using a toothpick, apply dots of E-6000 between the marquise stones and the oval stone. Dip the back of a montée (pink or purple) into E-6000 then apply to the glue between a marquise and the oval stone.

Repeat adding montées between each marquise and the oval stone, adding a total of 8 montées.
Thread two headpins through the holes on a topaz oval stone spacer. Apply E-6000 to the metal sheet below the center, horizontal marquise and the back of the topaz oval. Set the stone.
Apply E-6000 to the top portion of a crystal copper sew-on pear. Place the stone so the top of the pear shape is angled in below the last marquise and adjacent to the topaz stone set in Step 6. Repeat for the other side.

Adjust any stones as needed while the adhesive is still pliable. Repeat Steps 2-7 to create the second earring. Allow the E-6000 to fully cure overnight.
Using the flush-cutters, trim any excess metal sheet that may be visible between the stones when looking at the earring from the front. If needed, sand the back so it is smooth. Trim the headpins to 3/8 inch, then form the ends into simple loops.
Using jumprings, connect lengths of chain between the pears on either side of the earring. Use jumprings to connect a topaz rectangle drop to the simple loops below the center oval. Open the loop on an earwire and attach it to the loop of the top marquise drop.

Repeat Steps 8 and 9 to finish the second earring.

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