Single-Strand Necklace with ICE Resin® and Copper Leaf Sheets and Copper Embellishment

Place the bezel upside down onto the back side of the paper. Using a pencil, trace the outline of the bezel. Using scissors, follow the outline to cut the paper to fit the bezel; trim if necessary. Insert the paper into the bezel.

Tip: If the bezel has a bail, lift the bezel off of the work surface by placing it onto a suitable lift so the bezel lies flat.
Place the copper findings and beads into the bezel.

Note: The sand dollar bead shown in the image was flattened a bit with a hammer and steel bench block; the heart shown in the final design was placed on a steel bench block and struck with the textured hammer.
Following manufacturer’s instructions, mix up a batch of ICE Resin. Using a craft stick, drip ICE Resin slowly into the bezel. Work slowly to minimize disturbing the placement of your beads and findings as well as so you don’t overfill the bezel.
If any findings or beads are disturbed as you fill the bezel, use a beading awl to move the items back into place. Use a beading awl or toothpick to break any air bubbles.
Add bits of foil to the surface and poke into place carefully with the beading awl. You can press the foil all the way to the bottom but can also work it to just under the surface to create layers.

Once the ICE Resin is cured, you can apply a second layer to create a domed effect as well as create a magnification for the items in the bezel.

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