Earrings with Gemstone Beads and Wirework

Using flush-cutters cut two 13-inch lengths of Argentium® silver 26-gauge, dead-soft round wire.
Using a pair of round-nose pliers and chain-nose pliers, wrap the straight end of one 13-inch length of wire on the fourth swirl on the hinge end of the earring hoop. Make two to three wraps to secure the wire to the earring.
String onto the wire one 6x4mm oval peridot bead. Wrap the wire around the next swirl securing it to the earring hoop between the first and second loops. Wrap the wire around the back of the loops positioning the wire coming out in the same direction. Repeat to attach one 6x4mm oval garnet bead, one 6x4mm oval light amethyst bead, one 6x4mm oval dark amethyst bead, one 6x4mm oval garnet bead and one 6x4mm oval peridot bead between the loops on the bottom of the earring hoop.
Wrap the wire around the opposite end of the earwire two to three times to secure it. Using flush-cutters, trim excess wire.

Repeat Steps 1 - 4 to create a second earring.

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