Lashed Wrap Bracelet with Swarovski Crystal, Leather Cord and Silk Thread

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Fold leather evenly in half and slip through the Button art. 3024 23mm crystal tabac from the Swarovski crystal assortment.
Using the tail end of the silk, tie silk onto both strands of the leather as close to the Swarovski Button as you can.
Note: Keep leather side by side throughout the construction of the bracelet. As well keep the tension of the thread taught.
With the needle exiting between the two strands of leather. Slip on one crystal pearl art. 5810 6mm crystal dark green pearl with the pearl facing North to South to the leather. The needle will be exiting out of the top of the pearl. Wrap around the upper strand of the leather and put the needle back through the center of the leather strands and insert the needle through the crystal pearl again going from North to South with the thread exiting the bottom of the crystal pearl. Wrap the silk around the bottom strand of leather and having it come out the middle of the two pieces of leather. (Note: You are back to your starting point.)
While keeping tension on the thread against the leather attach on each subsequent crystal pearl in the same manner from Step 4.
When the last crystal pearl is added take the silk strand and knot it around both pieces of leather. Clip the thread to within 4 inches of the knot that was just made. Slip onto the tail one Swarovski bead art. 5601 8mm khaki, one bead art. 5040 6mm sunflower, and one bead art. 5328 4mm denim blue. Make a double overhand knot to hold in the trio of Swarovski crystal. Put a dab of cement onto the thread exiting the end of the knot.
Keeping both leather tails together make an overhand knot 3/4 inch from the tail of the silk. Tighten knot. Clip the leather at an angle 1/2 inch from the knot.
Using cement glue, Put a dab of glue on the silk where the tail exits at each end of the bracelet. Let dry overnight.
Nip the tail off on the button side and nip the tail to within 1/4 inch of the knot holding in the trio of Swarovski crystal.

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