Multi-Strand Lariat-Style Bracelet with Crinkled Silk Ribbon and Silver-Plated Brass Charms

Using flush-cutters cut one 3-inch length of Wrapit® nickel silver 20-gauge dead-soft wire.
Form a 20mm loop and wrap the ends of the wire around each other to complete the loop.
Fold one of the lengths of red silk ribbon in half. Attach the ribbon to the wire loop using a lark's head knot. Continue to tie the silk ribbon to the wire using loose half hitch knots with both strands coming out the center of each tie, leaving 10-inch tails of ribbon. Attach the second red silk ribbon to the second half of the wire loop leaving 10-inch tails.
Loop the four tails of ribbon and pass them through the center of the wire, leaving approximately a 3-inch loop for the bracelet.
Using a pair of chain-nose pliers and flat-nose pliers open a 7mm jumpring. Pass the jumpring through the loop on an angel charm and one of the silk ribbon knots on the wire. Close the jumpring. Repeat to attach four angel charms to the ribbon knots.

Open a 4mm jumpring, pass it through the loop on an angel charm and one of the ribbon tails 1-1/2 inches from the end. Repeat to attach a second angel charm to another ribbon tail.

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