Bracelet with Glass Rhinestone, Epoxy and Resin Beads and Waxed Cotton Cord

Using a pair of scissors, cut four 25-inch lengths of turquoise blue waxed cotton cord.
Match the four strands of 25-inch lengths of cord together. Place an overhand knot on the end of the cords to hold together. Tip: Pin or tape the strands to your work station to make it easier to form your knots evenly.

Do not cut the short ends of the cord.
Make a half-square knot using the two outside strands over the two inside strands. The basic pattern is:
  • Strand 1 over the base
  • Strand 2 over strand 1
  • Strand 2 under the base
  • Strand 2 through the loop
Tip: You must start consistently with the same strand for the pattern to twist.

Continue making half-square knots for 2-3/4 inches.
String one 14mm champagne pavé rhinestone bead onto the two base strands. Bring the knotting strands around the outside of the bead, and then make one half-square knot around the base strands. Continue to attach one 12mm champagne pavé rhinestone bead, one 10mm champagne pavé rhinestone bead and one 8mm champagne pavé rhinestone bead with one half-square knot between each bead.

Continue making half-square knots for 2-3/4 inches after the last bead.
Using scissors cut the cord 1/4 inch past the last knot. Pass a ribbon crimp end around the four strands of cord after the last knot. Place a small amount of glue on the inside of the ribbon end. Using chain-nose pliers, compress the ribbon crimp end onto the cord. Remove the knot from the first end of the bracelet. Repeat to attach a ribbon crimp end to the opposite end of the strands.
Using a pair of chain-nose pliers and flat-nose pliers, open a 6mm jumpring. Pass it through the loop on the springring clasp and the loop on the first ribbon crimp end. Close the jumpring. Repeat to attach a jumpring to the opposite ribbon crimp end on the bracelet.

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