Bracelet with Antiqued Silver-Finished "Pewter" Charms, French Knit Purely Silk™ Thread and Seed Beads

Using scissors cut the following lengths of Purely Silk™ thread:
  • One 10-foot length of pink
  • One 10-foot length of light green
  • One 10-foot length of bright green
Match one end of all lengths of thread and tie an overhand knot on the end.
Pass all three strands of thread through a beading needle. String onto the threads seventy-two silver-lined rainbow light pink #6 seed beads, positioning them approximately 24 inches from the knot.
Place the overhand knot through the hole on the French knitter. Following the directions in the French knitter set, knit the first two rows fairly tight using the thread only.
On the third row, pull one seed bead from the working end of your thread in between the first and second peg. Make your next loop on the second peg. Continue to place one seed bead between each of the loops for the remaining length of the tubing. Weave a 4-inch section of thread tubing. This is a fairly loose weaving creating larger loops to leave more open space to see the seed beads better.
At the end of the knitted tube, remove the first loop off the peg and pass the working end of the thread through the loop. Repeat with each of the four loops. Pull the thread tight and tie a double overhand knot to secure the thread in place.
Using flush-cutters, cut two 5-inch lengths of nickel-silver 24-gauge wire and one 2-1/4 inch (four 16mm link pieces) of antiqued silver-finished 16mm and 9mm round chain.
Anchor the 4-inch wire through the knot at one end of the knit tubing. Wrap the wire around the knot three to four times to secure in place. String onto the wire one antiqued pewter 13x12mm cone to cover the end of the knit tubing. Using a pair of chain-nose pliers, round-nose pliers and flush-cutters, begin forming a loop and leave the excess wire. Pass the wire loop through the loop on a lobster claw clasp. Finish the end of the wire with a wrapped loop, wrapping the wire three to four wraps at the base of the loop.

Repeat to create a wrapped loop to the opposite end of the knit tubing attaching the wrapped loop to the first 16mm link on a 2-1/4 inch length of antiqued silver-finished 16mm and 9mm round chain.
Using a pair of chain-nose pliers and flat-nose pliers, open an 8x5mm oval jumpring. Pass it through the loop on the lobster claw clasp and the loop on a flower charm. Close the jumpring. Repeat to attach a second 8x5mm oval jumpring next to the first one.

Repeat to attach a flower charm to the first 16mm link on the2-1/4 inch length of antiqued silver-finished 16mm and 9mm round chain using two 8x5mm oval jumprings.

Repeat to attach one butterfly charm to each of the three 9mm links on the 2-1/4 inch length of antiqued silver-finished 16mm and 9mm round chain using an 8x5mm oval jumpring.

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