Double-Strand Necklace with Enameled Antiqued Copper-Plated Brass Focals and Links and Swarovski Crystal

Filigree is all the rage and looks great with a touch of enamel added. Sift red and green dry enamel onto the surface of the filigree; fire the filigree in the kiln then incorporate the finished enameled filigree into your design. Add some Swarovski crystal crystal beads for a touch of holiday sparkle.

Set your kiln to the following program:

Speed - FULL
Temp - 1460 (Fahrenheit)
Hold - 3 hours

Soak the copper filigree in acetone for 1 hour or overnight. Remove from the acetone and rub the surface with steel wool. Rinse well. Rub Penny Brite® onto the surface of the copper filigree component. Rinse well and do your best to not handle the component with your hands after rinsing, as oils from your hands will impede proper fusing.
Put a dust mask on. Place a trivet onto the folded wire mesh rack. Fill a sifter about 1/3 full. While holding your work over a piece of magazine paper, place a filigree upside down on the end of two fingers in your non-dominant hand. With your dominant hand, hold the sifter above the outside edge of the filigree. Tap the handle of the sifter and, as the enamel comes through the mesh, move the sifter in a spiral pattern around the filigree, working toward the center.
Tap the filigree lightly so all the openings are clear of enamel. Carefully place the filigree onto a trivet.
Put on your gloves and glasses. Raise the wire mesh rack using the firing fork.

Carefully open the kiln door and maneuver the rack into place on the kiln shelf inside the kiln. Close the kiln door.
Allow the kiln to heat back up to temperature. After it reaches 1460 degrees, wait 1 minute then open the door enough so that you can look in at the filigree to see what the surface of the enamel looks like. If it is not to your liking, close the door, allow the kiln to heat back up and wait another minute before checking again.

Once the surface is to your liking, open the door, lift the rack with the fork, remove the rack and place onto the heatproof surface next to the kiln. Remove your gloves and glasses. Allow the piece to cool to room temperature before touching it.
Fold the paper to form a funnel-like spout then pour the enamels back into the container.

Repeat Steps 1 - 5 to apply a coat of enamel to the front of the filigree. When placing the filigree onto the trivet, now that it has enamel on the back side, be sure to position the piece so it touches the sides of the trivet as little as possible.
Repeat Steps 1 - 6 for all the filigree components in your design.

Optional: Embellish the filigree components with Swarovski crystal flatbacks using Devcon 2-part epoxy adhesive.

Filigree Tassel

Attach one lobster claw clasp to each of the enameled filigree components using twisted jumprings.

Use 10mm twisted jumprings for larger components and 6mm for the smaller components.
Using flush cutters, cut the following lengths of 4.8x3mm cable chain:
  • One 3-inch length
  • Two 2-inch lengths
  • One 3/4 inch length
Repeat to cut one 2-inch length of 5x3.5mm cable chain.
Connect one 6mm jumpring to the loop on the ring portion of the toggle clasp. Pass the 2-inch length of 5x3.5mm cable chain through the U-shaped cutout on the largest enameled round filigree component. Use a 4mm jumpring to connect the first and last link of the 2-inch length 5x3.5mm cable chain to the loop on a lobster claw clasp.
Use a 6mm jumpring to connect the first link of the 3/4 inch length of chain to a lobster clasp.

Use a 10mm twisted jumpring to connect the last link of the 3/4 inch chain to the first link on each of the remaining lengths of cut chain.
Attach the three square enameled filigree components to the last link on the lengths of chain just added.
Attach a 10mm twisted jumpring to the small round filigree component and a second 10mm twisted jumpring. Attach the second 10mm twisted jumpring to a lobster claw clasp using a 6mm jumpring.

Attach the lobster claw clasp to the 10mm jumpring bundling the chains attached in Step 11.


Using flush-cutters, cut one 26-inch length of the 5x3.5mm and 4.8x3mm cable chains.
Add a 6mm jumpring to the first link on each 26-inch length of chain. Use a 10mm twisted jumpring to join the two 6mm jumprings and to connect them to the ring portion of the toggle clasp.

Add a 6mm jumpring to connect the last link on two 26-inch lengths of chain and the loop on the bar portion of the clasp.
Add a Swarovski crystal fern green briolette to a jumpring then connect the jumpring to 5x3.5mm chain.

Repeat to connect 5 briolettes to the chain in a pattern of your choice. Add one briolette drop to the corner of one enameled filigree.
Thread a copper flower rondelle, Swarovski crystal dark red coral 8mm round bead onto a headpin. Begin a wrapped loop. After forming the loop, open it slightly then pass the headpin through a link on the chain. Close the loop then complete the wrapped loop.

Repeat to connect 5 dark red coral drops along the length of chain in a pattern of your choice. Repeat to add one dark red coral drop to the corner of one enameled filigree.

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