Ring with Kyanite Gemstone Bead, Turquoise Gemstone Focal and Glass Rhinestone and Gunmetal-Finished Brass Cupchain

Squeeze equal amounts of each part of the Devcon® 5 Minute® 2-part Epoxy onto a paper plate. Use a toothpick to mix the parts thoroughly. Apply a small amount of epoxy to the center of the bezel portion on one antiqued gold-finished 38x38mm filigree flower component and set on a flat surface.

Apply a small amount of epoxy to the flat pad area on one antiqued brass-colored ring. Press the flat pad area on the ring into the bezel portion in the center of filigree flower component while it is lying on the flat surface. Leave the ring on the flat surface for five minutes while it cures.
Roll a piece of unbaked polymer clay into a ball and press onto a Teflon® sheet. Press the ring shank into the ball of polymer clay to hold the flower component level and upright.
Mix an additional amount of the epoxy and fill the solid area in the center of the flower component. Working quickly, place one turquoise freeform focal onto the epoxy.

Tip: Be careful not to overfill the area so that it starts to dome. This will cause the epoxy to overflow through the holes in the component.

Note: The epoxy has a 5-minute cure time; be aware that the area you cover must be embellished in that amount of time.
Apply epoxy along the center of the turquoise freeform focal and a small amount to the center of one side of one blue kyanite freeform bead. Press the kyanite freeform bead onto the turquoise freeform focal. Set aside for five minutes and allow epoxy to cure.
Using flush-cutters, cut one 4-1/4 inch length of glass rhinestone 2mm cupchain.
Apply epoxy to the turquoise freeform focal outlining the edges of the kyanite freeform bead and a small amount to the back of one 4-1/4 inch length of glass rhinestone 2mm cupchain, place the cupchain onto the kyanite freeform bead.

Tip: Start by placing one end of the cupchain at one end of the kyanite freeform bead to conceal the area where they meet.

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